If you cry about it, then we'll beat you more........

How is it possible that technology, the bitch goddess of our daily lives, has found a way to bend the rules of commerce, no twist, no, tear asunder the very fabric of our free market system. While I never took an economics class in college, I am fairly certain that within our capitalist system the product with the highest quality and lowest price should dominate the market. But in the world of technology this is reversed. Okay okay I know that's a really cheap shot that's really easy to make, but it seems as though our personal computers are held hostage on a daily basis by shoddy craftsmanship. If I walked into a shoe store and purchased a pair of shoes for $199 (or $129 with qualifying purchase) and the very next week those shoes were seemingly falling apart. I would take those shoes back and demand a refund. And if that cobbler told me that the problem was not with the shoes, but it was my fault for not applying the magic shoe balm, and sprinkling them with pixie dust, and tieing them up at night in a sack filled with glow in the dark beans, in order to keep the elves away, I would seriously have to examine my own judgement and wonder aloud, "How on earth did I allow myself to purchase shoes from a crazy man?"

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