And on the ninth day Santa Claus created credit card debt.......

Just a quick reminder: Only 35 days left to jumpstart the economic outlook of 2006 with your credit card debt.

If you're like me, you love Netflix. If you're even more like me, you've been waiting weeks for a Frontline documentary titled Is Wal-Mart Good for America? And if your just like me, your dumb ass stumbled on to the fact that a significant number of Frontline documentaries are available as streaming video, including the one on Wal-mart. I recommend 2004's Secret History of Credit Cards.
I've also found a great new tool on the internet called writeboard.com. It's really slick for collaborative projects and it' about to spark the addition of another group of links here at Raging Titter.
Oh, and since squadcast has no idea who I am, I'm issuing myself a squadcast challenge. I will take a squadcast picture in front of the statue of Chief Oshkosh before Christmas.

Continuing with The last posts theme of underappreciated internet pioneers, I'd like to take this opportunity to send all 3 of my readers to check out Steph the Geek. This is a good looking site with a fairly unique user interface. This girl works the internet like nobody's bidness. Give her site a look through and buy some of her jelly.

If you're a devil duckie fetishist like me, I encourage you to check out Captain Quack. I received exceptional service from them and they've got a huge selection.

***Out of Touch CD Review***
Living Colour: 1988's Vivid
Damn but they did rock hard. Too bad Keenan Ivory Fuckbutter used the name for his lameass sketch comedy debacle.

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So, where's our Squadcast photo?