I got two stoned guys and a microphone.........

Podcasting, you've heard about it, and if you haven't, welcome back to the world Dracula. How was your year long sleep? In the wake of podcastings popularity some pioneers have been forgotten. Two burners named Creon and Rhino lead the charge into podcasting episodic-style with their show, My Bong Runs Linux. The show was available on Live365 until somewhat recently, now all that's left is a dead blog. Huh, they seemed to be on the cutting edge of that little bit of the internet too. What happened to Creon and Rhino? In short, no one fucking knows. So take a moment and honor the memory of these two pathcutters as you listen to your favorite podcast today. Or better yet, raise your joint up high tonight and give up the thanks, bitch, to Creon and Rhino.

***Out of Touch Movie Review***
I remember it being funny, but I was 10.
**1987's MUNCHIES**

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