Man I blog once a quarter why don't I get more hits.........

Oh Horrible Circumstances Of Fate. I've lost a job opportunity and now the future looks mighty uncertain and bleak. Whatever shall I do (lays hands on head) . I'ma act like Don Corleone just finished shaking the shit out of me and telling me to act like a man. I'ma do like T.Robz told me. I'ma choose the only choice. I'ma go A-team on this bitch. Using the limited resources at my disposal effectively and efficiently I'll whip up a super duper bad guy stomping whirlymagig. I'm gonna have a plan and I sure as fuck "ain't gettin on no plane." I'll bet you that Eddie Money knows sometimes doing the 12 stupidest things you can think of leads to genius. Well, or it leads to this. I'm gonna make my money the old fashioned way, without leaving the house. Plus I'm writing a movie and I'm blogging about it. Every last hem and haw about whether or not I should call the protaganist Steve. Do you know what an idiot going 300 miles an hour can do? That's right baby, a lot of damage.

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