No News is Good News....

Okay, the Readership of Raging Titter has spoken. No more news blogging. Apparently it's "lame" and I "suck at it".

Just a quick one tonight I have to go watch the latest episode of Autopsy and Tits. No I mean CSI. Or was it Nip/Tuck? Shit, I can't remember. The waitress at Denny's thought one of them was funnier. You'll figure it out. First one to figure it out and post their answer in a comment wins a free paperback copy of William Shatner's Man O' War. I scratched and clawed my way to the middle of this book. I couldn't decide if it was getting dumber or if it was me.

Okay, if you're are narcissistic retard like yours truly here, you've undoubtedly fed the name of your blog/website to Google. You wanted to see what it puked up. It's cool. I'm not making any judgments. I come up with six or seven hits depending on wind speed and direction. And believe it or not one of them has nothing to do with "The Big Tit" here. Yes, it's porn. Not just porn, a gigantic advertisement for porn. A recently concluded survey of readers of this blog could positively state the following: "it's the ass end of the internet" and "they got the mad porn hook-up, yo".


I knew there was a reason I didn't tell my grandmother I had one of these. Yeah, it was great. I just couldn't wait for the day I heard my grandmother scream the word "PORNOGRAPHER" from my cell phone.

***Out of Touch Television***
1983's Manimal
I can't be the only one that remembers this shit.
Whatever happened to Simon MacCorkindale anyway.

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