I'm so excited I might start rapping.....

Alright Freebotches listen up, I'd like to introduce the new "Love and Sex" advice columnist here at Raging Titter, Cholly.
Cholly, looking for a career change, time-traveled back to our time from the year 2874. He left his old job as national symbol for the holiday season in the country that New Hampshire became after The Free State Project came to fruition. Cholly became overwhelmed with guilt for his role in his home country's festivities. Or as Cholly puts it, "Household pets ain't for eaten' and barnyard animals ain't for lovin'. That's not how Our Almighty Dollar wanted it." It was that charm and power to turn a phrase that got Cholly his interview at Raging Titter. What actually got him his job is another tale altogether.

Cholly's plight with his former career reminded me of something from the "T-files".

I deal in filthy greens
and poisonous liquid browns.
I deal in smoke
and vice.
I broker a shortcut to happiness
or so they think.
I sell them headaches
and candy.

That was written, if you can call it that, a very long time ago when I felt particularly guilty about working in a liquor store. Has everyone had a job that made them feel guilty? Or does everyone experience that at every job, if they stay long enough? Do cashiers ever feel guilty as they mechanically swipe some nogged-out shopper's fifth try at the right credit card? Is job guilt universal? Or is it just me and Cholly?

Anywhore, Cholly's brought a lot of spectacular ideas and a digital camera with him, so get ready for a new era of Tit with a capital T. Oh yeah, and his camera puts us closer to that Squadcast picture discussed earlier.

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