A microphone stands in his way............

Don't let them tell you any different, podcasting is hard. "You can do it with any microphone!" I call Bullshit on that. If you want it to sound even remotely tolerable, you can't use a pc mic.

Also, Audacity is not that easy to use. Microsoft Recorder is easy to use. I can't believe I just championed a Microsoft product. HolyButtFuckingShit. Oh yeah, and Ourmedia.com? Try getting that bullshit to work.

Alright, enough bitching there is a silver lining to this podcasting cloud. For one, Podlot.com is going to get my business for hosting the mp3 files. Wanna know why? No Bandwidth Limitations. Everything was a helluva lot easier after I found this tutorial. Feedburner's are pretty good too.

Despite not being able to put together my own podcast, and thus begin my very own media empire, I have found some more podcasts. Wait a second, can I call it, "Empire of The Tit"? Awesome.

Newly discovered podcasts rocking "Empire of The Tit".
Geek Counterpoint is simply great. It's interesting and quick. I recommend listening to it on the ride home when you're tired of the news. I recommend this podcast to all my xgf's mothers.

Quick Hitts has completely replaced Free Talk Live as my libertarian ear injection. It's funny and smart, you know, like the shows on ABC. Only difference, Quick Hitts is both of those things in this reality.

Newly discovered podcasts banished from "Empire of The Tit".
Satyrcast is something that I desperately wanted to enjoy. Like that cheerleader in high school.
Just like the cheerleader, it seems like there's potential with this gang of overmodulating "pagans". However, The first episode had all the charm of a kegger in a dorm room. And I can make that joke, because I went to college in the very city where Satyrcast "happens". If you come across this, let it marinate until show...I don't know...nine.

***Out of Touch Movie Review ***
1990's I Come In Peace
No, it isn't a porno. It's actually a decent sci-fi thriller.
And my dad made that porno joke already. Back then.

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