Overdue like a library book...

First things first, a big thank you has to go out to the guys at Squadcast, not only for using my photo to accompany episode 27 of their wicked podcast, but also for encouraging the staff at Raging Titter to finish this project.

Cholly's period of adjustment here has had some ups and down. He's really working hard to fit in. The picture on the right demonstrates a time when Cholly really seemed to be clicking with "The Big Tit" vibe. However, the cred he scored with the photo evaporated like dog piss on a summer sidewalk after he tried to wax hip with our token homosexual intern.

Cholly: "So how you gonna spend Christmas, lemme guess, balls-deep in ass butter?"

She responded that this was, in fact, not the plan.

She then threatened Raging Titter LLC with litigation. I sent her off to insensitivity training and things took care of themselves. By the way, what color tie stridently states "this is NOT a hostile work environment" and whispers "she's off her meds"?

If you play World of Warcraft and you haven't heard of Leeroy Jenkins you're probably sitting in China somewhere farming for gold. However there's now a website devoted to all things Leeroy.
Only the ubergeekiest would wear the Leeroy merch. I'm ordering T-shirts for the entire staff on Friday. That's their Chrismahanakwanzaka bonus.

Newly discovered podcasts currently rocking Raging Titter:

History According to Bob

American Cliche

Orange Lounge Radio

These podcasts will get more extensively reviewed in the coming year.

Newly Discovered podcasts banished from Raging Titter:

Whispered Pearls

Pizzababe Goes Global

These podcasts will never again be mentioned at Raging Titter.

***Out of Touch Television***
1983's Jennifer Slept Here
That's right, starring Ann Jillian. The only chick with enough moxie to play herself.

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