"...in a bed with pillows and blankets and dreams."

~Raechel aka Cave Troll ~

Explaining an important distinction in human relationships.

"It wouldn't be successful if it wasn't easy."

Explaining an important aspect of internet business models.

"Sometimes lunch is not easy...it's not easy."

~Frank Edward Nora on The Overnightscape #368~
Explaining the human condition.

As you can probably tell from the picture, Cholly won't be making an appearance this post. He threw himself headlong into the sugar gutter. Cholly cracked under the pressure of his feature deadline and attempted to ripoff a podcaster we both thoroughly enjoy. His ill-conceived plan was to review the candy bars he found in the close-out bin at the local gas station. The plan went rogue. Cholly, leave it to Mr. Nora. If you're curious about The Overnightscape, there's a link to the right. Oh yeah, it has to be easy.

Speaking of easy, instead of coming up with real content the staff decided this post should just continue the long uphill battle reconstructing the great lost bookmark list of 2004. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, good. I can't go through it again. However, I did write a novel about my harrowing days as an internet junkie. It's 80% bullshit. Oprah will love it.

If your brain has a steady hankering for the smack that is science go enjoy some Michio Kaku. Mr. Kaku's a physicist who kicks out books for people too dumb for physics. People like me and the staff. Well, everyone except for Cholly. He has a doctorate in theoretical physics. Don't ask. I don't know what he's doing here either. If you aren't a reader, Michio has a radio show for your ass. Click the "show archives" and get your learn on.

Some of the readers have expressed concern over certain changes made to the "Favorite Podcasters" links on the right. I didn't think I'd have any splaining to do. Podcasters do not get links over there arbitrarily. If the staff decides that certain podcasts are no longer worthy, those podcasts get the big ugly axe. I don't make the policy, I just follow it. Wait, I do make the policy. It's good to be the king.

***Way Out of Touch Movie Review***
1957's Jailhouse Rock

A genuinely decent flick that outlines the inevitable hubris of sudden wealth and fame.

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you put it on there. not only did you put me on it but you put me first. you must really love me or something. and lookit im actually leaving you a comment. its my way to prove that i do actually waste my time here. i love this page dont ever stop it, its one of the few things i have to look forward to. yeah my life here IS that pathetic.