When Cholly said he wanted to leave Raging Titter Corporate offices and see some of the "ordinary people" from right here in Oshvegas, I was hesitant to allow it. He then clarified that he wanted to observe "degenerates, scoundrels, and pseudo-intellectuals of Dostoyevskian magnitude in their nearly natural habitat." I thought, why not? I planned on visiting the public library today anyway.

Cholly crept through the stacks trailing a middle-aged man in lime green snowpants and a T-shirt that read "My Other Shirt Is On a Dead Guy" . The man's name was Ronnie and he was engaged in vigorous socio-political roundtable with a large ball of lint and his own penis. It was exactly like Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO except this had a large ball of lint involved. While Cholly bounded over books to keep pace with his quarry, I had time to reflect on a myriad of items for today's post.

Someone needs to say this and since I'm a take-charge dude so I'm going to say it. Some podcasts are crap. By press time at "The Tit" there were 13,155 podcasts registered with Podcast Alley. With a number that high you know that some podcasts are terrible and not worthwhile in the slightest, there just have to be some. It'd be an incredible statistical anomaly if everyone producing podcasts were getting it 100% right. And hey, I watch NUMB3RS. So I must know what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to statistical anomalies, drag coefficients, and ratios and shit. The point is, I slog through the muck to find the exceptions and hey howdy have I found one. It's called Escape Pod and it brings the Scifi love. The latest episode contains a terrific rendering of Cory Doctorow's story Craphound. Yes, the Cory Doctorow. The episode previous is adroitly shaped by the voice of Wichita Rutherford. Check out this podcast if you love Sci-fi or you even just like it. Hell, go download an episode now if Sci-fi is just cool to hang with on weekends when your girlfriend is out of town. Don't let this one slip by because your busy trying out the next "two guys talking about whatever" podcast. Slap Escape Pod in your aggregator now, monkeyman!

Remember how much you loved La Bamba? Get ready to love the musical biopic again. Walk the Line should be hitting the second run theatres fairly soon. Start saving your nickels. This film will do a million dollars worth of good for you.

That's absolutely it for the library inspired post. Oh, except for a review of 791.45 D6375 DVD no. 103. If you don't recognize the Dewey decimal number for a Dr. Who DVD, get down to your local library and support it.

***Out of Touch Television***
1984's The Duck Factory
No Virginia, Jim Carey wasn't born Over-the-Top.

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