Ok so it's been a month.........

Everyone is different. If I bump into someone from the past, I freeze up. Sometimes I have the wherewithal to act aloof. But not Cholly. Upon encountering this dilemma Cholly cocks head to the side real hard and does his best Andrew "Dice" Clay impression. "You got a fucking problem?" Which is always promptly followed by, "Do I fucking know you?" Everyone is Different.

Something is way overdue. Tiki Bar TV is literally the finest video podcast out there. And that's not just because it's the only video podcast I've ever seen. They teach you a new drink in every episode. Make sure you watch one of these podcasts before you do anything else today. Trust me on this and trust Cholly that if 151 rum is in any way involved with your breakfast there's nothing you can accomplish. Not one thing.

About a week ago I had an entirely new breakfast. Corn bread pancakes are phenomenal. However, the coffee was dogshit so I won't be mentioning where I had these pancakes. Oh I'll leave a decent enough tip, but then I'll go home and withhold my meaningless advertising power. Cholly talked me into it.

While we're on the subject of eating, I watched the first and only season of Fat Actress. I knew nothing of this series until last week. I haven't had Showtime since Jeff Fahey was working. Think The Office only in English. Think Curb Your Enthusiasm only more self obsessed. Think Seinfeld only funny.

My local public radio is having a pledge drive. Why do they think if they hold programming hostage that we'll just pay the ransom? I do not negotiate with cultural terrorists. A few places do deserve my money and they will get it.

The History According to Bob podcast lets you custom make a CD of your favorite podcasts. For just $10 you can let your ears do the learning while your eyes and hands continue to play Xbox 360.

Dailysonic now has a "donate" button. If you give $15 or more you get a T-shirt. That's a premium, not some awful book or a dinner with a public radio drone. Plus it's no secret that the T-shirts you wear define you as a person. Define yourself as a Dailysonic listener.

KPFA is most definitely the best listener sponsored terrestrial radio station out there. Give them a listen then give them some money.

I found some Israeli money the other day and I got a little curious about the meaning of the symbols on the coins. I'm fascinated by what gets put on money. I learned a few things but not much. As I was about to give up my search someone on the radio used the phrase "coin of the realm" and I began to wonder about the origin of that phrase. I did a search and came up with very little. However I did find this sermon which defied my idea of modern Christianity. I also discovered this statement by Senator Feinstein. Wait a minute the US Senate has a website? Suddenly the whole process of government is more accessible.

Speaking of large organizations some people don't like, Adam Curry's Podshow has acquired Squadcast. I'm a little worried. Podshow's absorption of other podcasts didn't bother me, but ever since that last Digital Flotsam episode I've been a little skeptical. I enjoy Digital Flotsam and the beginning of the last episode was no exception, but then the audio comments started. It was almost exclusively a commercial for Podshow podcasts. The whole thing rang disingenuous and had I not been in the middle of a workout I would have skipped it completely. So will Squadcast stay the same or should I prepare myself for Dawn and Drew making special guest appearances. I don't know. I just don't know.

***Out of Touch Music Review***
1992's Das EFX: Dead Serious
Rhymes so fast, the internet doesn't have the lyrics down straight.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what is disingenuous about including people's anniversary greetings in my anniversary show. Nor do I see where it's disingenuous that many of those comments would come from friends and associates. I didn't receive a single audio comment from an enemy, so I was unable to include those.

But seriously, I'd have to go back and count but I believe there were as many non-Podshow commenters as Podshow commenters. The handfull of Podshow folks were people I work with every day. It sort of stands to reason they might want to wish me well for my anniversary.