Big Pink Liquor Drink.........

"You have no life and I have to go before it rubs off." ~A voice from my past~

"If you want my vote, you don't dis my Jesus." ~Jeff from Republicans Behaving Badly~

Thanks to Bruce from Cool Shite and Robert from Podtrac for their comments on the last post.

And now, on to P-Dub. Perhaps clarification is in order. I'm a fan of Digital Flotsam I still haven't deleted the R.I.P podcast. Living history sits in my Ipod. When I first got my Ipod and started to hear podcasts on a regular basis I was a huge podshow fanboy. However, the uniforming effect it's having on the podcasts it absorbs is disturbing me. That Go Daddy ad is just fucking obnoxious. Just because you say "badass" doesn't mean it's not the same old annoying advertising. It's the Earthlink chime all over again.

Oh, and for the less tech savvy among the readership, you DO NOT need an mp3 player of any kind to listen to podcasts. The two things just happened to coincide for me. Come on over, we're having a revolution.

I finally checked out a site my Dad told me about. It's called Full of Bologna. It got shut down for a weekend by a COURT ORDER. Here's the local newspaper's take on it. The one that I never read. I can't even be bothered to read past the headlines on Google News. In an effort to learn more about the site, I stumbled across the Oshblog and then to it's big brother Oshkosh News. If those responsible for Oshkosh News haven't been interviewed by Bob on Media Matters, then they should be. By the way, I'm both sincerely proud and deeply ashamed that my Dad is way more cutting edge than me.

In a sincere attempt to make the most of our position at the scabbing edge of pop culture, we've developed the 24 minute movie review. I've written down my general impressions during the first 12 minutes of a movie and during the final 12 minutes of a movie. Appropriately enough, our first movie is about a retard. Pumpkin comes to us from the year 2002 courtesy of the Oshkosh Public Library and my eerie and unerring ability to spot Cristina Ricci from across a room. I developed this ability after I saw Prozac Nation.

Anyway, on with it.

~~First 12~~

Don't you usually need to read french to experience satire this flawless?

The three chicks from the opposing sorority are absolutely Shakespearian.

What's Cristina Ricci doing? She does some great acting through pantylines and erect nipples.

This might be the most compelling retard-in-a-Fila-track-suit movie I'll see this year.

~~Final 12~~

Sombreros? This had better be huge.

Like every great movie, I don't know how to feel at the end.

I'm considering switching from Juice to a new podcast aggregator. Juice is pissing me off. It always downloads two seperate yet identical copies of Soccergirlinc. Every time. I don't have the emotional wherewithal to wait patiently for my aggregator's infatuation with Soccergirl to subside.

Jack Clark of Blast the Right distills current events into digestable half hours from an often underexposed point of view, that of the intelligent liberal. If Democrats want any real media exposure they must either appear exceptionally weak or completely batshit nuts. Exhibit A. Give that picture a good long look. He's "crazy" high.

Somehow I found the different drummer soundtrack. This guy writes with the finesse with which I wish I could think. He talks about the weather the way you wish everyone else would.

Has it been sometime since you had yourself a good solid geek tweak? The Ozone Nightmare Podcast needs your attention. These guys point their Lightening Gun like wit at everything that really matters. Let Joe and Lando illuminate topics like: the RIAA, George Lucas's plot to destroy Boba Fett, and the motherfucking Alliance and why they fight like little girls with a raging sugar jones. T-Bluff Represent!


Here's the metafilter link I spent the most time with this week.

***Out of Touch Book Review ***

I read Geek Love when I was 15. I still refer to it in conversation. A lot.

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