Finally, a totalitarianism for my generation!!!

I've just received an email from Google informing me that Raging Titter is in violation of the end user license agreement (EULA) which I "signed" when I created this blog. Essentially the nature of the violation boils down to "the complete and total lack of political content on your blog for a significant period of time". If we wish to keep our space here we have to get political. Stupid October.

The problem, as I see it politically, is that there are zero candidates campaigning on the most important issue facing people of my generation. That issue is the complete and total lack of economic justice for those in and around my age group. The nature of this economic injustice crosses color, gender, and most other social lines. There is a severe deficit of good jobs for my generation. Most people my age I know work more than one job. Most people my age I know have trouble getting hired for anything other than service jobs. Most people my age I know have college degrees. We have become the generation of Fight Club. We are "an entire generation pumping gas". We are a generation in despair. And that career related despair is what brings the apathy, political and otherwise.

The problem? The workforce is swollen like a piss filled balloon with Baby Boomers. Baby boomers occupy all of the careers for which people of my generation went to college. Not only that but they also hold most of the decent jobs that provide benefits. An old hippy conspiracy sits in the higher offices of the companies that offer us $9.00 an hour.

$9.00 an hour. No benefits.

They offer to pay us 3-4 gallons of gas an hour. It's not their problem how far we have to drive to get to these jobs. If you want to deliver pizza the cost of the gas and car insurance is on you. $9.00 an hour.

Many of us accepted student loans in order to get through college. Much of the time even the minimum payments are far more than we can afford. Student loans are the beginning of a deadly debt cycle which destroys our credit and keeps us from buying our own homes.

It was Baby Boomers who pushed the manufacturing centers further and further outside our cities and towns. They are the architects of urban sprawl.

They charge us entire paychecks to live in the houses and apartments they fled for suburbia. In order to combat this we are forced to live in something akin to the communes they themselves could not maintain. Their dreams have become our nightmares.

As our collective health deteriorates, they receive prescriptions for oxycodone and dozens of pills to cure their "sniffles". They demand Viagra while we humbly request payment plans that won't financially cripple us further. The thought of breaking a bone scares us to death.

When our financial crisis backs us back into the nest, they mock us, openly.

The time for generational warfare is at hand.

We need a candidate who will run on a platform of immediate, mandatory, and unconditional retirement of the Baby Boomers. The Boomers must be removed from the workforce by force. In order to avoid violence toward the boomers we must begin a program of containment. The well known gated communities of suburbia must become protective detention facilities. We will use the private security companies already employed in these communities to sentry these locations. Barbed wire will be added to the walls.

Obviously these "detainees" will be allowed to leave for certain essential services. They will need their prescriptions more than ever. So that they might be identified within the public at large they will be required to wear distinctive clothing, an armband perhaps.

Funding these facilities will come from the reclamation of the 401ks, IRAs, and liquidation of the stocks owned by these guests of the state. If they do not have independent savings, funds will be appropriated from their monthly Social Security. If they do not qualify for Social Security, arrangements will be made.

Until such a time as our candidate can emerge we must engage in guerilla cultural warfare. Understanding our unseemly enemy will provide us with all the intelligence necessary to strike their weakest points.

They fear discomfort, disease and death. In that order. We must pool our meager resources and strike a blow at the first of these fears. Attacks must first appear under the radar. Consider yourselves warned Baby Boomers, your pizzas will arrive cold, your toilets unscrubbed, and your cappuccinos foamless. Or all foam. Whichever is more offensive. We must contaminate their streams of commerce with unsatisfactory experience. Gradually our intent will become crystal clear. Without their creature comforts our enemy will crumble like a scone. A scone under an inarthritic fist tightly gripping the brass knuckles of justice.

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