When the going gets.

Things here at Raging Titter Corporate have been descending into uncharted levels of hell with clockwork regularity. In order to keep the staff motivated I like to draw on lessons from various interests of mine. All this week, our motivational lessons will be scooped unceremoniously and shamelessly from the vast amount of boxing video on YouTube. Let's start with the fundamental. And I don't mean "the fundamentals". I mean the only one that matters at all. The one you can't get into the ring without. Heart. You can't do anything without it. In it's absence we are merely playthings of the fates. In the cacophony of circumstance the songs of our lives are drown out if we haven't the heart to sing out. Without this crucial muscle we are utterly without melody.

So as you watch this clip of what may in fact be the greatest round in the history of the sport of boxing, make yourself a new little wristband with five simple letters. WWAGD. What Would Arturo Gatti Do?

Overwhelmed by bills? WWAGD.

Can't find a decent job? WWAGD.

Politicians trying to legislate in your underpants?

Take three minutes from your busy goddamn life and look at what capital fucking H Heart looks like. Besides, we all know what Jesus would do. He'd climb up on a cross and die.

Watch this little 9th round symphony and start wondering, WWAGD.

Never let them silence you.

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