New York State Senator Carl Krueger Switches Party Affiliation.

27th District New York State Senator Carl Krueger announced he'd be changing his party affiliation from Nannycrat to CompleteNutSackican. Reports later revealed he chose the move to CompleteNutSackians after he'd been rebuffed by the Coalition of Total Cockbags. He is however still taking meetings with the NMW (National Media Whores).

Senator Krueger announced his change in party only after he'd announced plans to introduce legislation which would ban the use of Ipods and other modern “electrified contraptionry”.

“Newfangled gadgetry has created an oppressive atmosphere of terror which not only robs New Yorkers of their God Given right to live in drudgery, but also enables evil spirits to possess them and engage in activities which threaten the interests I faithfully represent.”

Some critics have speculated that Senator Krueger maybe pandering to the “over a hundred years young” portion of his constituents.

Senator Krueger then pointed to his official website and the fact that it has not been updated in over 18 months as evidence of his anti-technology credentials. He also insisted that he was changing his first name to “Satchel”. “Satch” for short.

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