Four things I learned from Frank Edward Nora

I've been listening to The Overnightscape since time immemorial (November 2005) The first time I heard Frank Nora he was reviewing the Jones Soda Holiday Pack. I've enjoyed The Overnightscape ever since. Here's the top four things I've learned from Frank.

4. Experience your food. Take time to think about the foods your eating, especially snacks. Do they taste good? Do you really enjoy them? Why?

3. Pay attention to the world. Connect with the world. Frank's daily commute is filled with adventure. Why? He takes time to notice things. He takes time to notice people. They're given names like The Stoic Man and Stoic 2. Frank takes time to personalize his strangers. He doesn't waste a second with mass transit induced despair.

2. Be curious, have adventure. Frank stays curious about his environment. Despite the fact that he's walked the same Manhattan streets for years, he can still access the mindset of an intrepid explorer seeing an alien vista for the very first time.

1. Perform as you like. Do the show you want. Frank is really one of my podcasting heroes. He seems to engage his audience effortlessly. A simple walk to Martha Stewart's house can turn into an exercise in paranoia. A bowl of miso soup can turn into that day's greatest triumph.

He's never gotten involved with podshow. Frank's started his own independent podcasting concern with Mike Masters. The Anything But Monday Show is a success waiting to happen.

The Overnightscape has just had it's four year anniversary. If you haven't already, go check it out. Raging Titter wishes you many more.

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Dave said...

Amen to that!!
I'll have to check out yours now.
Regards from me (MR Bunny).