Creative Writing Meets Internet

Using Dr. Wicked's Write or Die application I freewrote some spam email. Presented poorly edited for your enjoyment.

wwwwPower funk power bars are the best power bars money can buy, because they're made with money. All of the abandon paper currency is going to waste in this unreasonable economic times. The love one has for one's country can't override the need for food and that's where power funk power bars come into the picture. Take the sting out of losing all the cash you stashed, what you thought was, safely away in your 401k. The time is now! Seek out your friends and neighbors and tell them to get on the Power Funk kick today! The last thing this old world needs is a big bunch of crybaby whiners who can't possibly control themselves. We need to fight for love or money, but not both. Power Funk power bars allow this hellish place we find ourselves in to be just a little more tolerable. The worst thing that can happen to any of us is the loss of our personal and financial security. September 11th 2001 the first one went bye-bye. The second one just walked out the door a few months ago. How can we keep moving forward in a time this terrible? With Power Funk power bars, of course!

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