7 George W. Bush Memoir Titles

Top 7 Titles for the inevitable George W. Bush Memoir With Excerpts.

Al Queda, Pretzels, Dick And Other Stuff That Tried To Kill Me.

No assassin is more dangerous than a delicious one. Pretzels are good too.

They Stopped Letting Me Google Myself In 2003.

Who was this Dubya? I had to know more. I did a yahoo search and finally found "the google".

Flight Suit Ride-Up And Other Daily Briefings.

Just a monstrous level of jock itch. It was a Crawford size brush fire on the presidential dangle!

Hooked on Phonics Is Bullshit!

It's like Intendo games. You have to be a wizard or a five-year-old to completely understand.

Prayer Don't Cure Hangovers.

Sweet holy lord Jesus Christ, my savior, take this aching and itching from my head, neck, shoulders, and anus.

My Pet Dick.

See Dick Lie. See Dick Threaten. See me place fake spider in Dick's desk. See Dick Clutch his chest. Clutch, Dick, Clutch.


It was only in my second term that I could understand and appreciate the music of the Rasta. Yes friends, from the left hand side.

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