Bad Movie? Bad Ideas? Bad Boys 3

Hollywood isn't out of bad ideas yet. In an exercise of poor judgement unseen since the making of Bad Boys II, Columbia Pictures has started development for Bad Boys III.

Will Smith is reportedly excited to distance himself from dreary, meditative bullshit like 7 pounds and I Am Legend.

"I can't wait to get back to pointing guns at motherfuckers and yelling, 'Stop Motherfucker!', for millions and millions of dollars."

Costar Martin Lawrence also expressed interest in a third installment of the franchise, "Anything to get my ass out of making shit like this." Lawrence's comments were overheard at a script meeting of Wild Hogs 2: Fatter, Older, Triter.

The only missing component for completing what is possibly the most unnecessary trilogy in the history of cinema is a script which remains faithful to the characters, story, and vision of the first two films.

In a telephone interview, Michael Bay expressed trepidation regarding the search for the script. "I don't want some asshole who doesn't know how I fuck the frame trying to write it. I mean the last guy they offered this gig wanted to wait until page ten before the first explomo* sequence. I mean, what the fuck."

Reports that Michael Bay is a lesser demon using the film industry as a cover for creating fiery portals into hell remain unsubstantiated.

Jerry Bruckheimer had no comment.

More here.

*explomo - explosion/slow motion. A Michael Bay trademark.

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