New Riders Of The Purple Sage: Home Grown: Live

With California considering the legalization of marijuana to cope with a monumental budget short fall, I can't help but think that their estimates of a billion dollars in tax revenue is a bit low.

But about the song, It's just a quick and dirty little rock song with a relentless rhythm and efficient narrative.

Mexico has decriminalized, which will affect the availability just across the border, one would think.

Actually, part of what gives weed its cool cache is the illegality coupled with its demonstrable relative harmlessness. Weed has a commerciaized subculture unlike any other illegal substance. That subculture has persisted because it is profitable. Don't just tax maryjane. Tax bongs, pipes, papers, and screens. If marijuana was legal tomorrow, it would only be as cool as booze, cigarettes, coffee, energy drinks, prescription drugs, gambling, and high fructose corn syrup.

Oh and to all the California marijuana law reformers, you're welcome in advance for finding your theme song.

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