Pointy Productivity: What's Next?

What should I do next?

What should you do next? I don't know. Look around you. Use your environment. Can you fashion some rudimentary tools? What does it seem like you should do next? The answer could be staring you in the face.

However, completing a Facebook or OKcupid quiz is absolutely not the right answer. I'm going to save you a lot of moments of false revelation about your true nature. As it turns out, which historical period, Babylon 5 race, or Star Search Contestant you most resemble isn't as informative or useful as it sounds. This is the truth about you:

"You are curious about the world and how you fit into it. You have a desire to discover new things, not only about the world, but about yourself. You enjoy using the internet and would be quite lost without it. You have less true friends than you'd like. You have trouble connecting to people on a real emotional level. You think LOLCATS are the stupidest thing ever or funny and cute. You feel that you are very different from most people you know, however, you do not feel there is anything special about you. You have a low to moderate level of anxiety regarding pooping in strange places. You consider yourself intelligent, but find yourself scouring self improvement blogs and exclaiming, 'Well I know that!' And yet, you never grasp the irony. In short you are exactly who you think you are and completely aware of the person you'd like to be. So go monkeyshit insane and be that person, just for a day. Oh, and you are more likable when you're not worried about how likable you are."

Facebook quizzes are not scientific. They are based solely on the quiz writer's perception of a constellation of traits. So you're going to let some fucktard who's got nothing better to do than write a fucking facebook quiz define who you think you are? Who you are is a person who spends far too much time wondering/worrying about who you are and not nearly enough time BEING who you are.”

Also, if you were a condiment, you'd be brown horseradish mustard. Deal.

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