President Obama Derided Down Mexico Way.

Unless you've been living under a particularly large wifiless rock in the desert of the uninformed, you've seen the image of Barak Obama photoshopped to look like Heath Ledger's Joker with the word "SOCIALISM" written in a big scary font. Well, like every other great thing done in America, there's now a cheap mexican knockoff.

Pink flyers have appeared, first in Mexico City, now in almost every other urban center in Mexico. The pink flyers, depicting President Obama in a shade of blue familiar to everyone who went to gradeschool in the time of mimeograph machines with the phrase "Pinko Stinko!" surronding his head in a Soviet inspired font. Unverified reports have placed these flyers as far north as El Paso.

The first question on every rational mind is, of course, why is anti-Obama propaganda showing up in Mexico? Anti-Obama sentiment is certainly nothing new here in the states, but the homebrewed and old school nature of this propganda leads one to the conclusion that those responsible are neither well funded nor organized. All that points to someone local. But why?

Perhaps President Obama's initiatives to turn the American financial crisis aren't working fast enough and roused formerly illegally employed workers to action. Now that there are no longer jobs Americans won't do, illegal immigrants have been forced to return to Mexico. These points coupled with the fact that the flyers have greatest impact when the text is read in a stereotypical mexican accent lead one to wonder who Obama will make enemies with next.

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