Seth MacFarlane Wants to End Family Guy.

That omnipresent assholic smile hides a man at war with himself. How do I know? I watched the episode from 2 weeks ago.
The episode, entitled Brian and Stewie, received mixed reviews from even the most ardent fans. (Google Brian and Stewie and WTF.) Some love it. Some hate it. Some claim that those who don't love it, don't get it. Invitations to 'go fuck yourself' are passed around liberally.
But all of that misses the point entirely. Let me lay this bag of snakes out straight for you. Only two characters appear in the episode, both voiced by Macfarlane himself. One of those characters is voiced with something very close to Macfarlane's own speaking voice. If one were to sit down and give it a real think, one may come to the conclusion that the character speaking with something that sounds very much like its creator's voice might just be the closest thing to the voice of that creator. Is it making sense yet? So I don't have to write out such long and condescending sentences, I'm going to refer to the character as Brian.
And then there's Stewie, the evil mastermind baby whose now forgotten reverse oedipal obsessions made him America's little sweetheart. I'm not going to delve into the psychological significance of Stewie to Macfarlane. Although I will say this, Macfarlane has openly admitted to liking show tunes. Draw your own conclusions.

So Brian (Macfarlane) and Stewie (Macfarlane's gay baby alter ego) are trapped in a vault. A vault. What is also like a vault that two parts of Macfarlane's personality could conceviably be trapped within?

I bet I could figure it out with a brainstorming session. I should have a meeting or something.
So moving along, Stewie makes Brian eat shit. Literally. It's kinda gross. I've seen a dog eat shit. I didn't understand how it was integral to the plot then either. Then they get drunk and are mean to each other, but not before they pierce Stewie's ear. In the gay ear. Wait, let me feel my ears. Yes, Stewie gets his ear pierced in the gay ear.

So after Brian and Stewie are done being mean to each other, Brian reveals that he keeps the gun in his safe deposit box in case he wants to take himself out. Kill himself. Commit suicide. Take the doggy midnight train to doggy Georgia. What would killing the voice of the creator mean within the context of real life? I'll give you this one. It would mean the disconnection of the creator from the world he created. And I think I've proved my point.

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