Politics: Election: Wisconsin Gubernatorial

Let me just take five seconds and explain to you why it doesn't matter if this yutz gets elected or not.

Political advertisements always state that the decisions of a single person (The opponent) have caused whatever the big huge problem is in that election cycle (or generally). It's actually not true. It takes the fuckuppery of many people in many different positions to get problems as big as we have currently. So while you may think that we're entering the dark ages of Wisconsin politics because we just elected a governor without a college degree, let me assure you, we've been in the dark ages for a very long time.

Look at Obama. He was elected on a whole hope and change jazz riff. What's he really been able to change? Dick. His once stentorian voice has about as much impact as a popcorn fart at a chili cook-off. There's just so many other asses.

Take a good long stare at Walker's punch drunk mug. Are you seriously trying to tell me that he can do more than Captain Charisma? (That's Obama for the sarcastically challenged) Walker will be lucky if he doesn't get cast into the pit of Sarlacc. (located in lovely Wisconsin Dells)

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