Angry Birds: The Mighty Eagle

Before I purchased the Mighty Eagle from within Angry Birds on my Ipod Touch, I wanted more information. Google instant finished my query -- What the fuck does the mighty eagle do-- handily.

I found out the most important fact about The Mighty Eagle. It only costs $.99 one time. You may use it as often as you want on levels you have cleared and once per hour on levels you haven't cleared.
You're buying a slight cheat and a reason to go through all the levels again for a chance to dominate a different system of scoring.

Let's take a look at what happens when you purchase this additional content.

Here's your ordinary starting point.

When The Mighty Eagle is Activated.

You launch the Tuna can thing at the structure.

The Tuna Can becomes a beacon for Raining Hell. You'll notice a smell of burnt bacon.

And now you're scored on how much destruction you managed with your new friend.

That's how the Mighty Eagle dances.

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