What Happens If A Real Rabbit Eats Trix Brand Cereal: 7 Big Answers

1. He starts bitching about how none of the cereal tastes like carrots. He writes an angry letter to General Mills. General Mills hires a mercenary to "take care of the problem".

2. He wakes up on Morpheus's ship. He then realizes it's officially the beginning of the end for Laurence Fishburne's career. He weeps uncontrollably.

3. He says "bro" a lot and becomes obsessed with Snooki's ab workout video. He meets Snooki at a personal appearance. They date for almost one year.

4. He shame eats a Cadbury egg. Then he shame shits the foil wrapper.

5. He reads website after website of conspiracy theories. He becomes convinced that the Subway restaurant chain is an Illuminati plot. He gets a job at Couisin's Subs.

6. He spontaneously transforms into a dog. This ruins all his subsequent family reunions. Rabbits like to feel comfortable in social settings.

7. He gets a giant erection. He falls in love with the girl rabbit of his dreams. She leaves him when the erection goes away. She says their relationship was built on lies. She gets custody of all 421 children.

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