Season 7: Episode 5: Entourage: Bottoms Up

I've watched the first four episodes of Season 7 and I'm still waiting to be wowed. When Turtle's blossoming relationship is the most interesting thing going on, it's trouble. The more-sad-than-funny truth is that Entourage is not a show known for emotional complexity. Or emotion. Or even emo.

A few choice lines:

"Vagina is, like, my third favorite hole."

"I don't want kebabs, Bob."

"I like your vagina. Is that so wrong?"

There's a lot wrong here. Eric's relationship settles in around anal sex with his fiancee, Sloane. Vince's relationship hugs the curves and puts the pedal to the metal with some sort of genius porn star. She knows the square root of 69 or something. Drama and Turtle's relationships are nonexistent. They struggle with work. Ari's sex life becomes a struggle due to work. It's pretty fucking highbrow.

You should probably watch this episode if you've ever thought that instructions for anal sex could be googled like a recipe from foodnetwork.com.


You're wrong.

Watch this episode if you've taken some roofies with some of Turtle's fine tequila.

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