Raging Titter Walkthroughs: World of Warcraft: Thunder Bluff Bank Location

Ever feel like an idiot while playing WoW? The fact that you've googled a question about it means maybe you're letting it get in the way of other things. But what the hell, your here now so let's get into this walkthrough.

So you run in to the bank at Thunder Bluff and like most other banks in the game you expect guild bank access. It's the level of service you expect in a bank housed in a wigwam and run by talking cows. But wait, where is it? Is it one of the weird chests? No. Is it the ridiculously tall drum in the center? No!?!

Maybe it's something to do with your access. First, determine if you are in a guild. Unsure how to do that? Stop playing. Do something else. Go see if you can remember one of your kids' names. Arthas is not it. What's that? One IS named Arthas? Wow, you're a real asshole.

But you are in a guild, so where's this guild bank? Maybe your Guild Master doesn't have the accesses set correctly. Better get them on the horn and demand that this be handled immediately. It's the level of service you expect from a person who's real life first name you don't know. Resist the urge to call them at work. Write a short email. Don't look for an answer until after lunch.

The settings are correct. Do you think it's you? Maybe you're just not getting it? That's what it is. Is it possible that Blizzard forgot to put a Guild Bank in Thunder Bluff? No. It is impossible. It is you. You've wasted time, energy, and life on this Thunder Bluff Guild Bank crisis. And now you're just sitting there, waiting, to be told that the Guild Bank in Thunder Bluff is a large totem outside the bank. It was there the entire time.

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