Kings Of Leon: Talahina Sky: 7 Alternate Titles For This Pile Of Shit That Calls Itself A Documentary

I got overzealous and let the title say it all. If you haven't seen the Kings Of Leon movie, don't. If you have seen it, I'm certain a class action lawsuit is imminent. But in the mean by, enjoy this list of potshots.

7 Alternate Titles For The "Movie" Talahina Sky:

1. Don't Do Drussh Kidsh: Learn The Art Of Mixed Message Posterity Parenting With The Kings Of Leon!

2. Kings Of Leon: We're From Somewhere!

3. So Many Shitty Rock Songs: How Ignoring Irony Can Make Life Worth Drinking Again.

4. Kings Of Leon: The Foo Fighters Should Really Sue.

5. The Kings Of Leon And Other Things Black People Have No Interest In.

6. The Kings Of Leon: Average Rock Stars.

7. Unfit For The Likes Of Youtube: The Kings Of Leon Home Movies You Just Might Be Bored Enough To Watch!

We at Raging Titter hope this does not affect your viewing of this fine feature film. It's one in a million! Like Jesus!

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