Obama's 7 Top Titles for His White House Memoirs

Hope Ain’t Free Either, Motherfucker!
“I had some choice bumper sticker sloganeering myself. I referenced the size of my dick in every one. McCain loved ‘em.”
Beastie Boys Are My Favorite: Shocking Secrets Of The World’s Most Powerful Black Man
“Before the inauguration, I lip synched every second of Rhymin’ and Stealin’.”
Barak Obama’s Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions
“If you succeed in your mission to kill the poor, then who will you Republicans get to vote for you?”
“How The Fuck Can I Be A Muslim When You See Me Enjoying These Fine Ass Ribs Right Here”
“It’s like a beautiful woman, just the right balance of smoke, sweet, and ass fat.”
Sink Or Swim: Unique Challenges Of The United State’s First Black Presidency
I looked that asshole square in the eye and said, “There’s YMCAs in ghettos, too.”
Lay-up: How The Republican Party Ensured My Second Term
“’You mean to tell me you think this country’s ready to be led by a guy whose got the same name as a lizard and likes to fuck around on his wives?’ I just shook my head.”
Bag Of Hammers: My Tools That Got America Working Again
“I called it my ‘two pronged tool’ approach. Get the tools out of government and back into the hands of the people.”

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