7 Reasons To Watch John Carpenter's They Live

1.     It takes place in a dystopian near-future suffering from some flavor of economic devastation, so it may offer important insights for your retirement planning.

2.     Some moments are genuinely funny without a hint of cynicism. This film can remind you what life was like before the hipster takeover of our culture.

3.     It has an incredibly effective minimalist soundtrack. Sometimes less is just less Justin Bieber.

4.     Television is the enemy.  Hulu’s allegiances remain unclear throughout the film.

5.     The lead actress is absolutely baffling. She’s either a bona fide alien or a Terminator.

6.      It questions capitalism, but doesn’t offer any answers. However, the creatures in the film have positions available for hobos who are allergic to work.

7.     This movie ends with Rowdy Roddy Piper’s finest death scene. He really commits.

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